Exclamation.png Wir treffen uns jetzt im Freien Labor.


Chaostreff in Hildesheim
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Hier sammeln wir Hörbares für Freitagabends und darüber hinaus. Seien es Streams, CC-Musik zum Herunterladen oder vielleicht gute Mixes auf YouTube.


  • UZIC techno - minimal
"[...] Play-off will take you on a electronic musical journey, wickedly selected by ‘the UZIC crew’ a.k.a syde, phaze & punky booster."
http://www.uzic.ch (Stream @ http://stream.uzic.ch:9010)
  • Cryosleep - Zero Beat Guaranteed. (Ambient)
"Most people who underwent cryosleep have reported that the mind seems to naturally retreat into a place of infinite tranquility, where the experience of Time itself is distorted in a subtle way."
http://bluemars.org/cryosleep.php (Stream @
  • jungletrain.net - 24/7 drum and bass radio
"jungletrain.net is a 24/7 drum and bass internet radio (hosted in the Netherlands) with daily LIVE shows from across the globe."
http://jungletrain.net (Stream @ http://jungletrain.net/128kbps.m3u)
  • Deep Mix Moscow Radio
http://www.deepmix.eu (Stream @ http://deepmix.ru/deepmix128.pls)
  • Radio Tonkuhle
lokaler Radiosender, der freitagabends elektronische Musik spielt ("Ton durch Strom")
http://www.tonkuhle.de (Stream @ http://stream.tonkuhle.de:8000/tonkuhle.mp3)
  • BitJam
"Amiga mods, PC mods, Atari YMs, C64 Sids, Spectrum AYs, etc"
http://bitjam.bitfellas.org (Stream @ bzw.